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Rule Britannia! #politics #GE

Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the waves.

Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

Except we are slaves. We are mostly slaves to debt and credit. Most Britons have mortgages or credit cards and so are slaves to the bank or building society. We strive for freedom not by opposing our oppressors but by playing the lottery hoping to win enough to buy our freedom from serfdom.

There is going to be a general election. Why? We will soon find out that Brexit was an expensive mistake and we can’t just tell Europe we are leaving. We have commitments that are going to cost money to meet. It will become evident that David Cameron and company made a huge mistake promising a referendum as a lever to renegotiate our membership of the union. By the time Britons find out the real cost of Brexit another Tory government will be in for another 5 years.

The Tories, of course, are not slaves…

A Saviour?

Jeremy Corbyn claims to be our saviour but how will he free us from economic slavery? He is, of course in favour of nationalisation but that tends to be a vote loser. It seems his ideas are already being watered down and rather than nationalise the railways he now intends to turn the railway companies into franchises. So he will still control and regulate them without actually owning them. That is what money is about; control, regulation and power over assets. Personally, I would have tried to get more power to regulate the banks and the stock market.

Money ain’t everything

Money isn’t everything and a politician who encouraged people to cooperate rather than compete might do better than Jeremy Corbyn who is very confrontational. He is a rebel and even revolts against his own parliamentary party. That is hardly a recipe for success. He needs to be more pragmatic. He also needs to appeal to middle-class Britons who have enough money but need something more important; security and freedom.


The culture of the British people needs to change. This culture of little England is not in our interests. It is a culture fostered by UKIP. They were the real nasty party. We need to reject the greed promoted by the Tories too and the elitism.We need to reject the ‘I’m alright Jack’ culture that is prevalent in some areas of society that calls for foreign aid and benefits to be cut so the rich and greedy can save a penny on income tax.

We need to decide what kind of country we want to live in. Do we really want a country that blames benefit claimants for the debts when we know it is the greed of bankers? Do we want a culture of Top Gear fast cars for the rich and for the poor, council estates blighted by speed humps and traffic calming? Do we want rich paedophiles going free while debt ridden slaves go to prison for earning a few quid whilst on benefits. Who are the villains in this corrupt culture and who are the victims of a culture that enslaves the people?

Next time you hear Rule Britannia being sung in the Royal Albert Hall, look who is singing it. They are not enslaved. The brain-washed slaves are outside in the park joining in.

Next time you are tempted to take out a mortgage or a loan or use your credit card. Remember it is debt that enslaves Britons and it can enslave entire nations.

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