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Community photography

Safer 6 in #Wednesbury #Sandwell

I photographed the launch of the Safer 6 in Wednesbury yesterday morning. Wednesbury is the town I live in and named after the Saxon God, Woden; as is the day of the week, Wednesday. So I intend to write about the town on Wednesdays!

SAFER 6 (6)

There were displays on the tables from many organisations. This one from Wednesbury library interested me. I go to the library one evening a month for an evening of poetry, spoken word and music.

SAFER 6 (12)

The local police also had a table giving advice on  crime prevention.

SAFER 6 (16)

The Fire Service was giving advice too and handing out leaflets on car safety. Wednesbury lead councillor Elaine Costigan is pictured with leaflets about child car seats, with councillor Pam Hughes on the left.

SAFER 6 (40)

Sandwell Deputy Mayor, Susan Downing visited all the stands to chat with representatives of all the organisations involved.

SAFER 6 (43)

The Fire Service dramatically demonstrated what can happen if you pour water on a burning chip pan fire.

SAFER 6 (53)

I have fewer overseas readers now and more local readers and so I intend to do a weekly post on a Wednesday about the community I live in and the events that I go to photograph. The Safer 6 initiative spend one week in each of the towns in the Sandwell Metropolitan area, this week it Wednesbury’s turn.

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There will be another post about Wednesbury, next Wednesday! In the meantime, check out The History of Wednesbury Facebook Page. Wednesbury has an amazing history dating back to Anglo-Saxon times!

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