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Sandwell in all its authentic multifaceted splendour #photography

I’m pleased to say we received the first entries in the Blast photography competition which is part of the Sandwell Pride of Place Project. Please join our group on Facebook and share your photos there. You can see the first entries to the competition online now. The Photography Competition is open to anyone living in the Black Country or beyond. Jan and Chris are looking for photos with “interesting and unusual observations”, showing Sandwell in “all its authentic, multifaceted splendour”.  You don’t actually have to live in Sandwell but the photos must have been taken in Sandwell. You can submit up to 3 photos.

authentic multifaceted splendour

authentic multifaceted splendour

The six towns of Sandwell are multifaceted and there is a lot to photograph. The competition is part of the Caravan’s Gallery’s Sandwell Pride of Place project and so it might be helpful to consider what type of photograph Chris and Jan have been taking in Sandwell. I can give you a few clues. I saw them at the fun day in Princes End with the Caravan Gallery and there was a lot to photograph there. They came to Wednesbury market where Jan took an interest in scented loo rolls! I met up with them again at the Tipton Canal Festival and that is a colourful event too. They were also taking photos at the Black Country Horse drive near the Fiery Holes. Then I saw them again at a local history event at Glebefields Library and we went to photograph St Mark’s church which is really authentic being built in Tipton blue brick. Yes, Sandwell has lots of authentic multifaceted splendour to photograph!

Wide or narrow?

I tend to divide my shots into those taken with a narrow aperture such as landscape shots and those taken with a wide aperture such as shots of people at events. If you don’t understand all the jargon about apertures and shutter speeds you can set your camera to auto and try to get a good composition and let the camera do all the settings. If there is a landscape setting it is better to use that for a landscape and the portrait setting is better for taking photos of people. The main thing though is to capture something of that authentic multifaceted splendour of whichever of the six towns you choose to take your shots in. You might even choose some photos from your collection. You can take good photos this weather but the lack of light can make it a little more challenging!

That’s all for this week. Please come to Sandwell, take some photos and enter the competition. If you spend loads of money here, local traders will be truly grateful too!

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