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Sandwell photography competition #photography

When I enter photography competitions I think about who the judges are likely to be and read the terms of the competition to try to identify the type of picture that is likely to win. The Sandwell Pride of Place competition asks what does Sandwell mean to you? The image in the competition notice has bread pudding and faggot and peas in it, both Black Country delicacies! There are clues there to the sort of image you should be considering. This is a Sandwell photography competition worth entering even if you’re only going to take a photo of a bag of scratching or some battered chips with your phone.

Sandwell photography competition

A Sandwell photography competition

You could even photograph the chip shop as I have done but perhaps get in a little closer. I am doing a project putting a collection of pictures of familiar things and places so I can have them printed for the residents of a retirement home. I think art projects should have a purpose and I hope passing my album of pictures around will help the residents of that home with their mental health. For this Sandwell photography competition, you also need to think about what people will relate to.

Nikon D750

I’m using a Nikon D750 now with a 28 – 300 mm lens and getting much sharper pictures. I still have to edit to get just what I want. The block paving in this shot is red brick and with the rain, it looked too red. I changed the colour a little and now I’m very pleased with the image. I also added a semi-transparent border. It’s a nice image but is it suitable for the Sandwell photography competition? I don’t think so despite being a good image and quite sharp. It doesn’t really say very much, does it? Every image tells some kind of story so I think for this competition you need quite a strong story. Think about what is really symbolic of the Sandwell area.

As an admin of the Sandwell Pride of Place Project group on Facebook, I won’t enter the competition but I hope I have at least given you some idea of what to look for when taking a picture. Please join the group and if you’re really into this arts festival why not volunteer to help run it? The Blast Photography Festival is a festival of photography, talks and walks. How cool is that?

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