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Santa on social media #Christmas

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This week I’ve photographed a Christmas lunch for the elderly and when Santa’s sleigh passed by my house, I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. The pictures of both events went out quickly on Facebook and helped promote the events. It raised awareness so people feel like it’s Christmas. It has added to all the other Christmas promotions too.

Social media is about getting a message out. That message might be who you are and what you do. For a business the message is very similar, but there are also many organisations within communities with a message they want to promote and social media can help them do it.

Social Media isn’t just Facebook; it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Myspace and blogging too. Social media is a window on the world that we can open and do a shout out! We can use words and we can use pictures too. I use more and more images because they convey a message instantly. There is no need to read the message, just look at the picture; it says Christmas!

For businesses, social media is a free way of getting a message out and even churches can now use social media to get their message out and raise funds. I am an admin on three Facebook pages and a couple of groups. The name of the game is engagement. You have to communicate with the people you’re trying to reach. That might only be clicking like on a comment  or answering questions, but the more engagement the more successful the page.

On our local history page, the engagement went up to over 80,000 people and kept climbing. I was giving people what they wanted. Now it has dropped but even though there are fewer people, but engagement is higher.

Keeping it positive helps and ignoring negativity. No one wants a grouch at Christmas or any other time of the year. Keeping the message fresh is important too. If fans can see something new every day, they are likely to stay engaged and interested.

You can check out our history page and see how that works or why not check out the new Zillion Ideas Facebook page?  See how I’m trying to use images to create a positive image and a Christmassy image right now. If you have a business or an organisation to promote you can use social media too. I also have a Twitter account and you can follow me on Twitter for updates on this blog. Blogging is another form of social media that allows you to get a message out as an article like this one. It’s easy to get into social media, but hard to become good at it!

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