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Saturday Review of the week

Motor Show 033

I seem to have a electricity pylon in nearly all my photographs. There are so many around here, especially near the canals. Graffiti is another familiar sight. Is it a sign of an artistic disposition or mind numbing boredom? I think kids could be taught art in the community, but they would probably be encouraged to be ‘creative’ without responsibility. We can’t even trust the teachers these days. I wrote a few interesting blogs this week. I went in search of happiness yesterday.

In search of happiness

In search of happiness was yesterday’s blog and had good advice on how to make all your tomorrows better; something to look forward to. We all need things to look forward to. Right?

Thrifty survival

Thrifty survival was about surviving the recession by being thrifty and making all you tomorrows better. We all want to save money and have a little put by. Right?

Neodigital Art | Vehicles

Neodigital Art | Vehicles was another in the popular series of blogs on Neodigital art and photography. This week I used photographs from the historic vehicle show that I went to on Sunday at Walsall Arboretum. I quite enjoyed that, despite the rain!

Subliminal Influence

Subliminal Influence was about influence at a subconscious level. If you have no influence over other people, you might want to read that. You can use influence for all kinds of purposes, to make people buy things and even to make yourself more popular.

Shopper Insights

Shopper Insights was another insightful blog from Fairy Dharawat. She once again explored shopper behaviour and motivation. That blog is useful if you want to understand from the point of view of the retailer or the shopper.

This weeks blogs were interesting and I also added a new feature with pictures at the bottom of the blogs that are links to recent blogs in the same category. Those links have been popular in the last few days. I still need more readers and so please share with your friends on Facebook and click the Facebook ‘like’ button. If you would like to write for a zillion ideas please email me in at the address in the side bar. You can also comment or ask questions using the comment box.

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