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Saturday Review | The week in focus


I’m not too sure about this photograph. It’s different from the usual photograph that I use. It was taken a few evenings ago and has been edited to make it a little more ‘artistic’. It shows what you can do with a digital camera and a little experimenting. I did a few blogs this week too…

Social Business, can it work? was yesterday’s blog looking at social business and social enterprise. I think some of the plans for social business stink, but it could have a place.  I’m not too sure, if social business would be competitive and would clients of these new social businesses be changed VAT on the services they provide? Local authorities competing commercially have to charge VAT, but if they are providing a service in the public interest and not competing with private enterprise, then no VAT is charged.

Supply and demand in the market was Thursday’s post when I looked at supply and demand, monopolies, cartels and how markets work or don’t work.

Imagination, writing and inspiration was my inspired post on Wednesday about writing. That could be worth reading if you want to use the written word to communicate. Whatever you need to write, whether it be a job application or a novel; word power can make it more effective.

Neodigital Art | International was Tuesday’s art blog. I used photographs by four different people, representing the USA, China and the UK. The Neodigital Art school is going global! Do you want to represent your country? Send me a few pictures!

The Sunday lunch ramble, rich and poor was Sunday’s ramble through whatever was on my mind that day. I did end by calling some local politicians tossers. They deserve it; their blog is always full of crap. They were slagging off the opposition today, as usual. They have no policies of their own to put forward.

Incidentally, my politics aren’t left wing or right-wing. I think I’m more liberal. I watched a programme on TV about people in Stoke not paying their council tax. I sympathised with those who didn’t pay because they couldn’t afford it. Some had expensive cars and posh houses and they hadn’t paid either. I think it’s a stupid tax and a relic of Thatcherism. It’s time it was scrapped and replaced with a local surcharge on VAT. No council tax and VAT at 25%? What do you think? It would mean prices going up in the shops and higher petrol prices, but people would have more money and a choice. The people who bought the most luxuries would pay the most tax. Councils would probably be more helpful to businesses if it meant new business was more money in tax for them to waste.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another blog, probably another Sunday ramble… Please comment if you would  like to make a suggestion or ask a question. You can comment about anything, I even take requests! Incidentally, comments disappeared for about 12 hours last night; they’re back now, but the Facebook ‘like’ button has gone! 

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