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Saturday roundup of this weeks ideas


The weather forecast for this weekend is rain all weekend and so I think there is little chance of me taking more photographs this weekend. It’s only 11 days to the Spring equinox. That will be closely followed by Easter and we will be putting the clocks on an hour so the evenings will be lighter and maybe a little warmer.

The economy is still in crisis according to the government. They owe over a trillion pounds, 375 billions of which is owed to the Bank of England and a huge chunk to the pension funds. It seems we might owe quite a chunk of that to overseas ‘investors’; those oil barons and some foreign governments. The government caused the problem and now the most vulnerable people pay for it.

A market economy? was yesterday’s post when I tried to make some sense of the economy. I think I made more sense than some members of the government. This week saw increases in the share prices of many outsourcing companies that are taking over various government services. That appears to be the future, profit before service, perhaps?

Thrifty Thursday shopping was Thursday’s usual thrifty blog. I went to Lidl yesterday, but wasn’t very impressed.  I didn’t find the rechargeable AA batteries I wanted for my camera. They have gone a little upmarket, offering lobster and Siberian reindeer as well as the usual champagne. They have some good wines, but the fruit and vegetables seemed a lot more expensive.

Engaging social media was Wednesday’s post. I should have mentioned a few other social media sites like Pinterest. That’s an interesting site that I should use more.

Neodigital Art | Timeline pictures was my popular Tuesday post on art and photography.

Psychology | The meaning of life was Monday’s psychology post. That was quite deep for a Monday!

Sunday thoughts of sunshine was Sunday’s ramble and no, I didn’t get much sunshine.  It went cloudy as soon as I set out to take photos on Sunday afternoon. I think it was sunnier last weekend than this week though.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble. If I win the UK lottery tonight, I can write about that!

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