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Save, save, save #thrifty

save save save money

We all need to save some money and so we have to shop around and look for bargains. We also have to make good use of what we have and think about disposing of things too. It can cost money to get rid of junk!

Save, save, save  money

The Aldi super six this week are the same as last week; Galia melon, mini bananas (7), oranges, large vine tomatoes (500g), white mushrooms (380g) and mixed peppers (3). They are all 69p each and the offer continues until Thursday 18th of June.  Those will save money! I looked at the mini bananas and then bought a kilo of big bananas for 68p; I still got 7 bananas, but large ones!

The special buys at Aldi today are mostly for Father’s Day. I like the retro wooden boxes, they contain those retro things I remember from childhood, a harmonica, yo-yo, table tennis and juggling. I know, I’m showing my age! There are also some plywood model kits. I’ll look at the leather belts (4.99). I’ll check the size this time, I had one before that said 32 – 36” and it only measured 28 inches. There’s a Remington hair clipper too, that could save you some money in hair cuts. I have one of those, but mine’s only battery. It trims my beard OK though.

Save, save, save on Sunday

The Sunday special buys are all related to travel and start with luggage. There are three sizes of travel case and the largest case is only £17.77.

You might have seen the Barclay’s advert showing you internet tips that can save you money, like searching for voucher codes using Google before spending money. You can also search for specific special deals.  There is a £5 coupon in the Daily Mirror for Aldi on the last Thursday of the month, which could be useful. I found that doing a search (the paper costs 50p). In some Aldi stores they have the Mirror by the tills.

Checking reviews online for products can save you money too. I often shop at Amazon and look at other customers reviews and you can even ask other customers questions. I have just took delivery of a solid state hard drive for my laptop, which I’ll fit myself and I checked with other customers which cable I would need to transfer all my stuff to the new drive. The cable had to be ordered separately. What I didn’t like was it seems Amazon automatically put me on Amazon Prime. I have a 30 day trial, I hope it cancels itself, because I’m not paying for it. I got my SSD quickly, but it’s no good without the cable!

Save, save, save on outings

You can check online for free events to go to as well. I went to Tipton Carnival last weekend. Look for events on Facebook too.

Do you have a tip to save, save, save money? Please share it in the comments box. You can subscribe to this blog, using the widget at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates.

2 Responses

  1. Bob Moseley

    When you ordered from Amazon you should have had the option to get delivery free without joining the dreaded ‘prime’ procedure. Some orders do need a minimum value though . If the order is through a vendor not Amazon, you may not get free delivery. You must actively cancel your Amazon Prime on or before the trial end date. I am sure you know this but some users have found themselves incurring a cost.

    June 11, 2015 at 16:13

    • Hi Bob,

      I think they have changed the order procedure or something. My nephew signed up for Amazon Prime last week by mistake and I’ve done it this week. I probably had to untick a box or something. I’ll keep checking and make sure I cancel it! Thanks for the advice anyway.

      June 12, 2015 at 11:58

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