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Saving money as a student

How to save money during your education

Education is considered to be most important part of every individual’s life. The writing techniques, learning skills, teaching technologies, etc. play vital roles in education. Apart from the learning, one may have many responsibilities like repaying student loans, different kinds of bills, expenses and own finances besides the chores.

With the sudden rise in tuition fees, accommodation, financing one’s education has become a burden and many people are leaving the universities because of debts. So  below are a few tips, so one can save money during their training period.


· Expenditure: This is the important aspect which should be controlled. Apart from daily expenses everyone can save money for future use. That may be useful in paying off bills, unexpected outgoings, emergencies etc. Try putting fixed amounts aside every month, which is considered a healthy financial habit. These may be useful in payment of any examination fee.

· Buy used books: There are plenty used books sold nearby colleges. Instead of spending so much cash on new textbooks, prefer the older ones. Make use of the library for any book reference. Consider it as a second home. Then any print outs or scans in library, you can get plenty copies and different authors’ books. This is one of the best habits in saving money.

· Accommodation: Living outside the campus may cost you a lot. Get a roommate from your college, so that the rent and other utilities can be shared by which the expenses can be decreased.

· Miscellaneous: Unexpected expenditures, sudden payments and much more. Usage of the more internet access, unnecessary food consumption and more parties is the main cause of money outflows. So keep a track on such mixed expenditure.


· Opt for scholarships: Instead paying the whole tuition fee, by showing the income certificate a student can apply for scholarship. Here, little amount of money is returned back in the name of fee reimbursement for good score in studies. So opt for such policies.

· Avail coupons: This is another way of saving money, while in college. For many fests, educational workshops and amusements, students are given offers. By showing the student identity card, the costs can be reduced. In some cities many of the movie theatres give rebates for college students.

So always be prepared, get adjusted, sacrifice a few things and put entertainment aside so you may save a lot of cash while you continue your studies.

About the Author:
The guest post was contributed by Sophie, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport

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