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Scene modes at events #photography

CARNIVAL 2015 (390)

At events, you often have to capture the action quickly. You don’t have time to fiddle around with camera settings. Then the camera ‘scene’ modes won’t give you a great photo, but they are usually good enough. I used the sport setting for this shot. It gave me a wide aperture and fast shutter speed.

CARNIVAL 2015 (403)

You can see the individual droplets of water in this shot and so it’s quite sharp. Notice that the wide aperture puts my subjects more in focus and the background out of focus.

Wednesbury CC v Midland Conference (86)

The sports setting is obviously good for sports like cricket. I used my 300 mm lens for this shot, but it would have been better if I could have zoomed in closer. Again my subject is in focus, but the background was out of focus. If you compare the colour of the grass in this picture to the carnival picture, it’s a paler shade of green. The colours are much better, because it was a cloudy day. The carnival pictures were taken in bright sunlight and early in the afternoon. A white sky often gives better colours.

Wednesbury CC v Midland Conference (129)

I got this shot more in focus by getting my focus point right on the cricketer and took the shot. Often with fast movement, your focus point can be just off target and the shot is very slightly out of focus.


Sometimes you take the shot and hope for the best. This plane was flying overhead and I got the focus point on the plane and so that is in focus, but the roof in the foreground is out of focus. The camera was set on 6000 x 4000 pixels, so I could crop and digitally zoom in.

Manor House (40)

I used the sports setting and the 300 mm lens for this shot. The subject is the building and that’s in focus, but the rest of the photo is out of focus. This shot was taken at a model railway club.

In summer we often have cloudy days in summer. I simply increase the ISO to make the sensor more sensitive and I get better photos. The colours are less bright because the light is less harsh. On the sunny days try taking photos in late afternoon or in the evening. You’ll have more shadows but warmer light.

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