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Sculpture by Epstein #art


These sculptures are reproductions of work by Jacob Epstein and are on display at Walsall Art Gallery. I like them, but I don’t like his paintings. He is described as a sculptor though so maybe I’m being a little harsh. The white one is the better one because it’s easier to photograph.

This is the Garman Ryan collection and these sculptures are a recent addition. It’s worth going to see this collection and the other exhibitions on other floors. I don’t like the layout of the gallery very much. It’s designed as a bit of a maze. I walked up one staircase and found I was two floors up. You can take photos out of the windows, but the windows never appear to be very clean so try to avoid the dirty bits.

That’s all for today. There will be more photos from my shoot yesterday, tomorrow. You can follow this blog, just by entering your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or simply follow me on Twitter for updates.

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