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Searching online for bargains #thrifty

Searching online for bargains

You can find lots of bargains online but you don’t have to buy online. You can find the bargain and then go to the store to check out the quality or see what else is on offer. Searching online for bargains can save you pounds!

 Searching online for bargains


Most of the supermarkets have a website. I Checked out the special offers at Asda and wasn’t tempted at all. I did make a note that the packs of 4 Duracell AA batteries were 2 for £5. I hope in future to use rechargeable ones for the flash on my camera but I always have to have those high power ones ready too. You save 2.50 with that offer. I think I could probably save more by buying them somewhere else! I wasn’t tempted by any of the top offers at Tesco.  The offers at Aldi were better and I’ll probably have the baking potatoes. I did a comparison between the pack of chicken drumsticks and thighs at Aldi at 1.90 a kilo and the same product at Asda  at 2.47 a kilo and I know the quality is the same so Aldi win on price.

Stationery and craft

I find Poundland really good for stationery and craft items. I get reporter’s notebooks from there and even hardback notebooks which are great when I’m out and about and don’t have anything to lean the book on. Picture frames are great too. I also buy that spray for the bumpers on my car there too and I even had a couple of long screwdrivers last time I shopped in Poundland. It is a good place to go searching online for bargains to add to your shopping list before you shop offline. Before you shop online be aware of their delivery charges and consider whether to shop offline to save the £5 delivery charge. Poundshop has very similar products but they do free delivery over £35 and so is worth considering if you really do want to shop online.


My first choice for a clothing website when I’m searching online for bargains is Matalan. I have checked out the website for warm sweaters for the winter, but I really want to see them before I buy, so I’ll visit the store. They send me offers quite often via an app on my phone so I’ll check that out too.

Debenhams is a little more upmarket but has lots of products that the discounters don’t stock and so is worth checking out.

Primark is very popular but I wasn’t impressed by their website. I don’t have a store near me either so won’t be shopping there anyway. You can’t shop online there so the website is only useful for searching online for bargains, which I suspect you won’t find.

If you love bargain hunting, I write a thrifty post every Thursday. You can follow my blog just by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more ideas on my Facebook page.

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