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The season of rebirth #spring #ramble

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and so time to share my thoughts about the week with you once again. So what’s in the dark labyrinth this week? It is actually sunny today and I’m thinking of going out to shoot some landscape pictures. That should be a little more relaxing than the photo-shoots I did this week. I actually went to a school this week taking photos in a hall full of small children. There are all sorts of protocols these days about identifying kids in photographs and so it is a bit like wandering through a minefield. Anyway, it’s spring, the season of rebirth so I have Spring photos on my mind.

The season of rebirth

Public relations

There is a meeting of the Friends Group of the local park this week as well as a soirée of spoken word and music in the library on Tuesday. I was elected Public Relations Officer at the AGM last month and so I have been thinking about PR a lot just lately. I have also been trying to publicise the Business Improvement District that we are trying to set up. People will believe anything if they think it is in their interest to do so. They will believe that there are young virgins in heaven but trying to convince them that a business improvement district on earth is in their best interests is something else. It is hard to compete with young virgins, though. How do they know they are young anyway, being dead suggests they might not be quite so young as they imagine. The Business Improvement District company will be organising events to bring people to the town. Perhaps we can have a May Day virgins parade?

Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day today when people should show their appreciation to their mum for all she has done for them. I’m an orphan so I won’t bother.


Shopping is on my mind this week because I didn’t do any. I’m running out of food and trying to live out of my freezer. For some reason, I seem to have a lot of fish and mince in there. I buy things that are good for me and then they stay in the freezer for 12 months at which time I buy even more. I have far too much fish in there. Why is there never far too much chocolate in the fridge? I can spend twice as much on food this week so I have to think of something nice to buy. I’ll go to a discount supermarket and they have all the basics so my chances of getting something nice are about zero. At least they have eggs, you can’t beat egg and chips with lashings of ketchup.


Spring is the season of rebirth and daffodils are springing up everywhere. It can be the season of rebirth for us too as we shake off the winter blues and make plans for the summer. We’ll be doing that at our meeting of the friends of the park this week. We need to think up some events for the summer that will attract the crowds but be inexpensive and easy to organise. We have plans for period events to attract vintage traders and vintage cars owners. I hope to organise a meeting of our history group in the park too. The sunshine and fresh air will perhaps get me in the mood for that today and give me a feeling of rebirth and invigoration. We can hope and we will believe anything if it is in out interests to do so.

That’s it for today, it will be photography on Tuesday if I can get some decent pictures to use. You can follow my blog by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or simply follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also links on my Facebook page as well as photos from this week’s photo-shoots.

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