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Seasons #photo-challenge


I hope I’m not confusing my regular readers by doing an extra post on Friday, but this is a special one for the WordPress photo challenge. The theme is ‘seasons’ and here in the UK, we are coming to the end of the winter season and looking forward to the spring equinox in four weeks time.

The seasons of life

Four Seasons fill the measure of the year;
There are four seasons in the mind of man…”

— John Keats,

We are children, then young adults, then middle age make us feel old even though we are still quite young and finally we become the community elders when we should have a lifetime of wisdom. I’m in my final season waiting for spring. The spring lambs are already here:


There are even daffodils that have come early in sheltered places. In the spring nature bursts into life with blossom on the trees and bluebells in the woodland. Parks and gardens bloom with spring flowers and millions of white flowers will line the river.

The river Tame

This is, of course, the river. The trees are bare in Sandwell Valley (West Bromwich) but it’s still a tranquil retreat away from the bustle of the busy conurbation that is the Black Country.  It’s hard to believe there was once a coal pit near here at the height of the industrial revolution.

So that is winter in the Black Country. I have to create a pingback to the Seasons post on WordPress now.  How hard can that be? Remember to click the photos, if you would like to see a bigger version.

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