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Seven weeks in lockdown #ramble

It’s Sunday morning, so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you! This pandemic seems never ending and it will never end unless people start obeying the rules properly. It is a minority that aren’t staying home and social distancing and they are spreading the virus far and wide.There is evidence that people travelling around the country are spreading it from one region to the next. It seems out of control in care homes too. I have to admit that seven weeks in lockdown is starting to get to me.

seven weeks in lockdown

Lockdown photography

I’m still documenting my time in lockdown by taking photos. I’m putting the best of them in a folder and have over 100 so far. This shot of a squirrel looking for water in the birdbath is the latest one. I had some art cards printed 2 years ago and another set of two last year. I put them for sale on eBay but no one bought any then out of the blue someone ordered some yesterday. I shall pop out later to post them and of course, I’ll take my camera!


The government is going to encourage everyone to ride bikes to ensure social distancing. If they were serious they would scrap VAT on bikes and electric bikes. The use of masks can greatly stop the spread too, contrary to ‘expert’ advice. Masks are available now so people won’t be depriving the NHS. We need to get the transmission rate well below 0.5 and it can be done with stricter rules. Travel between regions has to continue to get food to supermarkets but the police should stop and check car drivers travelling between regions.

The economy

We have to get the epidemic under control before we can even begin to restart the economy. In many cases, companies can restart their businesses if they can use screens to separate workers and keep checking the temperature of workers and introduce monitoring. The use of FFP2 or N95 masks is important too. Even surgical masks would be better than nothing for many workers. A high viral load makes contagion more likely and makes contracting the disease worse. Anything that reduces viral load has to be a good thing. Lying to the general public about masks in an effort to save them for NHS workers undermines the trust that the public should have in authority.

Seven weeks in lockdown

I’ve done my seven weeks in lockdown and I’m wondering how much longer. At first they said 12 weeks for the over seventies and then they changed it to 16 weeks. They made inadequate arrangements to keep us supplied with food and many are surviving on hand outs of food parcels. I have a recurring food slot with the supermarket and will have a delivery on Monday morning. I’m having deliveries every two weeks and have to go over £40 to get ‘free’ delivery. I’m still keeping my freezer full just in case I can’t get my slot. I have to keep amending my order as things keep going out of stock. On my current order, cornflakes were out of stock but not the most expensive ones from Nestle of course!

That’s all for today. I’m going to try to write more this week so hopefully there will be a post tomorrow. If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address in one of the spaces provided or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.

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