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Shooting an event #photography

On Sunday, I photographed the Remembrance Day parade. When you’re shooting an event like that and it’s cold and damp with poor light, you can’t expect great shots. The sky was fairly clear except where the sun was and the moving cloud meant bright sunlight and then the cloud would block out the sun. I would have preferred a cloudy sky. When I’m shooting an event, I usually use my 18 – 105 lens but for this event chose the 55 – 300 to give me some reach.

shooting an event l

Shooting an event

I was zooming in to 300 mm and I had some movement so I needed a fast shutter speed in poor and changing light. The light was so poor when the sun went in I decided on an ISO of 400 and these pictures are quite sharp and noise free. For the above picture, I set my aperture on f/4.5 and that gave me a shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second for a sharp image. For some shots, I went for a narrower aperture but you don’t have much time to change settings when you’re shooting an event like this.



Most of the marchers wore very dark clothing and so my metering made their faces look overexposed. This picture isn’t too bad and the centre-weighted metering works quite well. Getting a few people in focus is better than getting a lot of people slightly out of focus because your shutter speed is too slow.


Shallow depth of field

Zooming in with a shallow depth of field gave me a few interesting shots. I think using a 55 – 300mm lens is my preferred choice now for shooting an event. It gives me good reach and rather than getting the whole crowd in focus I can choose just one person.


This shot gives you some idea of how big the crowd was and my focus was on that tree in the centre of the shot. I went to f/8 for this shot at 55mm and the camera gave me 1/60th of a second which was a little bit slow but at least that tree looks quite sharp.

Overall, I think the shots were just about acceptable considering the light made it really difficult. I might have got away with a higher ISO and then I could have taken more shots with a narrow aperture. When you’re shooting an event, you can’t mess around too much changing settings.

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