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Shooting and editing winter #photography

1 Hydes Pool Wednesbury

Winter photography can be difficult because there is a lot less light. You can make the sensor on your camera more sensitive to light by increasing the ISO. You can also use wider apertures than you would in summer.

In bright sunlight, you might use ISO 100 and an aperture of F16, in poor light that will give you quite a dark picture. You can choose to have it lighter by increasing the ISO to 200 or even higher and making the aperture wider maybe to F8.

1 Hydes Pool Wednesbury


This is the same picture that I started with, but I have edited and increased the contrast and made it a little lighter. In winter when we spend less time out of doors, we can spend more time editing and experimenting with editing techniques to produce photographic art.

1 Hydes Pool Wednesbury artistic edit

I used PhotoScape (free download) to edit this image for a more artistic picture and besides changing the colour,  I added a texture. PhotoScape gives you lots of options and you can even turn your photograph into a pencil drawing. You can also convert your image to sepia or greyscale.

1 Hydes Pool Wednesbury artistic edit 2

This edit of my photograph of Hydes Pool in Wednesbury has a texture and I gave it more contrast and made it lighter. It’s still a winter scene but light enough to see the detail. Try to be aware of the colour of the sky when taking a shot like this, black rain clouds will reflect on the water and make the picture much darker.

1 Snow in Wednesbury

Snow scenes are popular in winter, but try to choose a scene with lots of texture and variation.  You might need to edit to get the scene just the way you want it too. Snow reflects a lot of light and so an ISO of 100 is usually fine for a shot like this and narrow apertures can be used in daylight.

The Midland Metro


It was very cold and dark when I took this shot. I have edited it so it’s lighter and added a texture. It is the Midland Metro which runs from Birmingham to Wolverhampton.

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