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Shooting events in low light #photography

I’ll be photographing the carnival in a couple of weeks and I have other events coming up. We can’t always count on getting good light and even bright sunlight gives us dark shadows. There will be some events indoors as well. Nikon and Canon DSLRs both meter the light using TTL technology. That is through the lens metering (TTL) and this gives good control over the flash. The flash can be used in bright sunlight to light up those dark shadows but if the skies are dark then another option is to use a higher ISO setting.


This is Megan Reece supported by Chris Nicholls on guitar playing Wednesbury Town Hall a few weeks ago. Megan is my great-niece. I used the flash for this shot but also set the ISO on 400 so the flash wouldn’t be too bright. The stage lighting helped as well, of course. Indoors, you can use both increased ISO and the flash to get enough light for a fast shutter speed.

POOL (17)

Dark Shadows

I couldn’t do much about the dark shadows in this picture. Obviously, a flash wouldn’t help much it would only add light to the foreground. The sky was interesting and so I took a lot of shots with more sky in the picture.

Low light selfies

The problems of low light apply to those selfies taken with a camera-phone. It is often a good idea to make sure the flash is turned on, that will give you a faster shutter speed and so a sharper picture. Lots of photographs will be taken in coming weeks as the summer season means prom nights, carnivals and weddings and they can all mean problems with low light and dark shadows so look at the ISO setting first and maybe increase the ISO to 200 or 400 for really low light. If you have a DSLR with TTL then go for the flash and try to bounce the flash off nearby surfaces indoors to give a less direct flash of light.

When you are taking photos at events, you can’t choose the light and low light is always a problem. If you’re photographing people, you can’t shoot into the sun and to have the sun behind you, will give too much light on a very bright day. If the sun is to your left or right then one side of their face is in shadow. I prefer the sun to one side and then use the flash if necessary to light the shadows.  At the carnival, I won’t want to carry a lot of equipment and so I’ll take my camera with an 18 – 105mm lens and a small SB300 Speedlight.

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