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Shooting wide open #photography

Last weekend, I went to two events, poetry on the canal in Tipton and after that, I went to Brook Street Community centre where there was another event as part of the Blast Photography Festival. I photographed a carnival queen at the second event. I mainly shoot wide open with the widest aperture I can at events. I do take a few shots at a narrower aperture of groups of people, typically f/8 but I mainly want sharp images of one or two people. I’ve also been in the garden shooting a few pictures of plants and flowers and again I was shooting wide open.

shooting wide open

Depth of field

If you don’t understand how to set the aperture or it’s too difficult on your camera just use a scene mode and set it on macro or portrait. The macro setting is usually signified by an icon that looks like a flower and the portrait setting is an icon of people. Both those settings give a wide aperture and if you zoom in you’ll get a shallow depth of field. In this photo you can see the leaves on the bramble are in sharp focus but those leaves closer to the camera are out of focus and the background is really out of focus and a blur.


That blur in the background is what photographers call a bokeh (Japanese for blur). This image has quite an interesting bokeh but you can also have lights in the background for artistic effect or colours. You can read this tutorial on bokeh for more ideas.

shooting wide open


This is Billy Spakemon one of our local poets at the Tipton Tales event on Saturday. Again I took the shot wide open and the background is out of focus and the shallow depth of field separates my subject from the background. I wasn’t too happy with the light on Saturday but it’s not a bad picture.

Aperture priority

I’ll be at an event this afternoon but using a Speedlight indoors and again I’ll be shooting wide open and try to photograph individuals or small groups. My shutter speed is limited to 1/60 of a second when I’m using a Speedlight and I should get that with a wide aperture on aperture priority.

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