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Shooting wide open with a long lens #art #photography

I’ve had an art project in mind for a while and I want to shoot wide open with a long lens. I would like to shoot with an 18 – 300mm lens but I make do with what I have. At the weekend I took some pictures at our 40s event in the park. I wasn’t too well and carrying lots of equipment was out of the question. On Saturday I used my 18 – 105mm lens which is very versatile for events. Then on Sunday, I had an idea that I could practice for my art project and shoot wide open with my 55 – 300mm lens. It also saved me walking around so much! Wide open with a long lens worked out well.



At carnivals and colourful events I often set my camera on vivid to bring out the bright colours but this time I decided on portrait and added a bit of contrast when I did the editing.  That works well for the vehicles. It was quite cloudy with the light frequently changing.

wide open with a long lens

Wide open with a long lens

I had a slight fever and so I was a bit more shaky than usual and the 300mm lens is quite heavy. I was managing to get fast shutter speeds at ISO 400 and this was zoomed in which gave me f/5.6 at 1/500 of a second. Shooting wide open with a long lens seemed to be working.

BLITZ B (23)


The sun came out as I took this picture and so the ISO was set a little too high but I had to take the shots while I had my subject in view.

BLITZ B (38)


I was shooting these at 6,000 pixels by 4000 so I could crop them and zoom in a little closer if I wanted to. I tried to get a lot of action and colour into the frame.

BLITZ B (67)


This shot of the singer in the bandstand worked well with the 300mm lens. I didn’t have to get too close, although I did have to wait for another photographer to get out of the way. That is one problem with using a long lens, people do walk into the shot more or get between you  and your subject.

I learnt something from taking these pictures. For my art project, I want to get up close and personal with people, places and things. For people, that means one or two people and I think I really need to fill the frame. The background out of focus helps make the subject more pronounced and I would like to shoot with a faster lens. The idea is good, though, I want to shoot wide open with a long lens.

That’s all for this week. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can see the rest of the pictures that I took on Sunday on my Facebook page.

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