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Short of money in January? #thrifty #frugal

A lot of people have spent too much at Christmas and now find themselves short of money in January. What can you do now? Obviously, you can cut down on luxuries or even cut them out altogether. The idea of giving up alcohol for January is appealing to many people for health reasons and to save money. If money is really tight, you need to be frugal as well as being a thrifty shopper.

short of money?


It’s easy to waste energy at this time of year. Try to cut your usage of electricity, gas and petrol.  You probably won’t see an immediate benefit but do it anyway. The savings will mount up. Try to drive in a higher gear and drive carefully, accelerating slowly. Put your boiler on an economical setting and lower the thermostat. Don’t leave outside doors open any longer than you need to. Turn lights off that aren’t being used to save on electricity. Make economical use of your cooker by cooking more food than you actually need.


In the UK we throw away an enormous amount of food. Try using those leftovers! I had a buffet on Sunday for guests, so I’ve been eating leftovers all week. Today, I had homemade soup for lunch followed by leftover chicken drumsticks from the buffet. I have an air-fryer that cooks cheap frozen chips well in 10 minutes.  I’ll have a couple of fried eggs with chips and peas for dinner. A tasty meal for less than a quid. If you’re short of money do easy to cook meals and stop eating out and cancel all the takeaways. I’m going to thaw out some gluten-free sausages later and have baked potatoes with sausages tomorrow. That’s another easy to cook a simple frugal meal.


It is tempting to use your credit card and postpone the inevitable. I will have a hefty credit card bill in February that I intend to pay in full but I’ll schedule the payment for just before the last payment date. Try to delay making payments with your card until just after your bill and then you have nearly 2 months of free credit before you have to pay the bill.

Bad habits

This is a great time to tackle bad habits that cost you money, whether it is smoking, alcohol or overeating that is the problem. Check exactly what you are buying and how much it is costing and that might give you an incentive to give up or at least cut-down.

Short of money?

Finally, spending a lot of money can save you money. I pay my car tax annually because it costs extra to pay it monthly. I pay my line rental on the phone in advance to save 15%. Even small things like 3 packs of sausages for £10 in Asda have saved me money. I bought a full 24 pack of beer before Christmas to get a discount too. Get in the habit of looking for value all the time not only on the big things but on the little things too. I’m waiting to take delivery of an expensive phone. I shopped around online and saved about 20%. Be really thrifty and frugal all year around and maybe next January you won’t be short of money.

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