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Signs of normality #thrifty

Interest rates

The Federal Reserve in the United States increased interest rates yesterday and the markets responded positively. It is the first sign that the world’s economies will get back to normal. People with mortgages including the buy to let slumlords have been having an easy time, but that could be coming to an end. It seems likely the Bank of England will increase rates in 2016 too.

When one group of people make money, you can be sure another group of people lose money. Money doesn’t grow on trees, although it can sometimes quantitatively eased out of them…

The Oil Price

It seems likely the oil price will stay low or even go lower in the short term, which will be good for the world economy. So inflation should be low in 2016 but with slight increases in mortgages.


We still need to be thrifty and frugal preparing for Christmas and try to shop around and avoid waste. I think shops will be very busy next week as shoppers leave their shopping to the last minute.


The Aldi super-six this week are parsnips (600g), Brussels sprouts (750g), broccoli, maris piper potatoes (2 Kg), carrots (1Kg) and little gem lettuce (2). Those are 39p each and the  offers continue  until the 30th of December.

The special buys today are varied, but there are lots of gift items including a smart phone for 89.99.

There are special buys on Saturday this week that include everything from turkeys to Christmas pudding.

The special buys on Sunday are mostly bed linen, but there is a 4 socket extension lead, so if you have overloaded sockets that would be a sensible thing to buy.

The special buys on Monday are all Christmas food too. The top one is a Canadian lobster for 6.49. I haven’t seen the prawn rings this year. I like those…


Lidl has lots of offers too, starting today.


Tesco has some offers that are very similar to Aldi on potatoes, parsnips, carrots, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. They are all 39p, the same as Aldi.

Mr Kipling mince pies are half price at Tesco and they tend to be on the list of best mince pies although Aldi luxury mince pies are usually favoured by taste testers. Watch out for Mr Kipling individual slices of Christmas cake too.


I don’t think Christmas jumpers are really worth it. You don’t tend to wear them afterwards, but if you must have one then Matalan has some good ones.

Star Wars at Asda

Asda is offering 20% off Christmas jumpers for online orders and they  have Star Wars products in stock.

Overall, I have found Aldi to be good for drinks. Asda and Tesco have well-known brands such as Mr Kipling and I wore a Matalan jumper to a pantomime last night. Oh, yes I did…

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