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Signs of what the future holds. #money

Every trader on the stock market tries to predict the future and it’s the same on the money markets. Traders on the stock market are selling this morning and cutting their exposure to the market in anticipation of things getting worse. They are seeking safe havens, of which, gold is one. Gold is up to £1406.08 this morning. These are signs of what the future holds and we have to consider them.

signs of what the future holds


I checked my holdings this morning and I was down, of course. There were  some signs of improvement. Immupharma are going to test their drug to see if it could be a treatment for covid-19 and that sent their share share price up 35%. I am also reasonably confident that if the market keeps going down the Bank of England will do more quantitative easing and boost the market.

Signs of what the future holds

We can also look overseas to see signs of what the future holds. In China, they got their epidemic under control and new spikes in transmission of the virus have come in from overseas. Curtailing travel is essential to controlling the epidemic and in the UK the government has been slow to do that and is still not policing their new policy effectively enough. It looks like the epidemic will continue for months ahead if not years. It seems like global herd-immunity may be the final solution with an unimaginable level of global death.


Realists who can recognise the worst case scenario invest in gold. Already people are shunning cash and preferring electronic transfers. In a scenario where we have hyperinflation, you need to be holding gold. You can now buy very small gold bars so you can sell a little at a time to get you through a difficult time. Bullion companies are now advertising for gold to meet demand.

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