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Silver gloves? #Raynauds

It is the last day of February and the last day of Raynaud’s awareness month. I have found out that silver gloves can help alleviate the condition. Who knew? I have Raynaud’s as part of my autoimmune disease and it has been a problem for the past few years. My hands, in particular, get so cold that they go numb which means I can’t even feel the shutter button on my camera! I have learned how to press it wearing gloves but it is still difficult.

silver gloves

Feeling the cold

Most people are unaware that I have several autoimmune conditions. Even my doctor doesn’t fully appreciate how bad they are. Recently they have been affecting my nervous system quite badly as well as my circulation. I’m under attack from my own immune system that is meant to protect me!

Silver gloves

Anyway, I must look into these silver gloves they might be just what I’m looking for to give me better control of my camera when it’s cold.


You probably wouldn’t guess that I have coeliac disease by looking at me either and that means a gluten-free diet. I also stick to a dairy-free diet because dairy makes me really sick too. Many people have hidden disabilities so  I’m not alone. It is annoying when people question my behaviour or stop me when I  use a disabled parking space.

Problems, just like you

So I have problems just like you and most other people but my problems are a bit different from most people’s. I have to live with them and it would be helpful if people didn’t judge me. I try not to judge others. Who knows what hidden problems people have behind the facade of trying to appear ‘normal’. Whatever ‘normal’ is. The advantage of having been through a tough time is it has probably made me stronger.

That’s all for today, please be aware of Raynaud’s and autoimmune disease in general. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar.

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