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The six towns #Sandwell

It’s Sunday morning again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. Quite a few of my friends do social media management. One did a master’s degree in SMM and another teaches it in California. I do reasonably well running the History of Wednesbury on Facebook and a few other pages and groups. I’m now admin of the Sandwell Pride of Place project and that was proving to be a little more difficult. I really do prefer Facebook business pages to groups but I have decided to make the group a little more personal and say good morning to the members each morning. The membership has started increasing again! We live in a hostile society and the simple act of saying good morning can make it better. Perhaps I should say our perceptions are of a hostile society. Anyway, I also have to remember the group is for the six towns of Sandwell and not just Wednesbury!

six towns

Six towns

There are six towns in Sandwell but I don’t visit the other towns very much. I think the last time I went to Rowley Regis was about 1970. I drove to Oldbury a couple of years ago it had changed a lot since the 1960s which was the last time I went there. The six towns make up a Metropolitan borough which is unpopular across the six towns. A gentleman in Tipton expressed their feelings about Tipton wanting their independence last week in Glebefields library.  I think Brexit has made people even more parochial. I don’t like centralisation either. The principle of subsidiarity as outlined by the Maastricht treaty should be a principle of government from top to bottom. Power should lie with the people and local decisions taken close to the people, at a local level. Higher levels of government should be subsidiaries taking decisions that can’t be taken at a local level. We will now lose Europe-wide human rights because the nationalists took advantage of the weakness of centralised government. That weakness is because it doesn’t have the support of the people. Sandwell MBC is a weak form of government because it doesn’t have the full support of the people of the six towns.

Hospital at last

On a brighter note, I finally got a hospital appointment. In fact, I have two appointments at different hospitals this week. Hopefully, I can explain what I think is wrong with me and see if the consultant agrees. I’m being pro-active with my health. I did some research on Medscape and I’m going to the hospital fully armed with the right info.


My next photography project will be photo-prints for the residents of an old folks home. They will be old photos and new ones too. I think I’ve sorted out the technical problems of getting the quality good enough and aspect ratios right. I had to decide whether to print them myself or upload them for printing. I decided on the latter because ink cartridges are so expensive.

That’s all for today. There is a storm coming but I might wander around one of the six towns this afternoon and take some photos. If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts.

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