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Smart thoughts from the centre of the labyrinth #ramble

It’s Sunday morning again and so I allow you into the labyrinth that is my mind and share my thoughts with you again. What’s on my mind today? My new phone! Aren’t they expensive? It cost as much as my laptop. It is cool, though. Last night,  I was lying on my bed, eating crisps and drinking beer, as you do and I got YouTube on it and actually cast the picture and music to my television! How cool is that? I even got Google maps up on my television. I admit the YouTube thing wasn’t that smart because I have a smart telly that can get YouTube anyway, but it is a smart phone. My thoughts are very smart today. Aren’t they?


Beer cans

Anyway, I needed to know if my camera was taking sharp pictures right across the frame. My smart answer? I lined up a dozen cans of beer and then added a few empty cans that were due to go in the recycling and photographed them. The result was quite good, they are all in focus and the metering was quite good too. I did some more beer can experimentation with different configurations and apertures. It is amazing how technical you can get with one camera and 15 beer cans.


Meanwhile, back on the smart phone, I’m going to be using Twitter much more. I am really into promoting things now. I want to promote our heritage and culture and let people know about the community that I live in. I know some people don’t like me promoting stuff, but I can’t please all the people all of the time and there is no pleasing stupid people. I’ve been advised to avoid stupid people and negative people and my horoscope agrees so it must be good advice for the future!

Smart devices

These smart devices are now an integral part of my life. A phone that can use 4G, whatever that is, a laptop with an SSD that I fitted, a smart television that can play Bach from a USB flash drive and they all talk to one another via Bluetooth. Okay, that is a slight exaggeration. My laptop often won’t talk to my phone. It wouldn’t receive a photo this morning so I had to use a picture of the beer cans. You were supposed to get a photo of my dinner last night, taken with my new phone. These devices are smart but not infallible. This morning I’m also archiving a lot of my photos and video that I have made. I have to free up a little room on my SSD for the 2017 adventures in photography.


I’m thinking a lot about my retirement. You can lose your identity when you retire and who wants to be a pensioner? The word has so many negative connotations. I don’t much like senior citizens or seniors very much either. We do gain wisdom from having been around a long time and so we shouldn’t be considered useless in old age or a collective drain on society. Older people just need more opportunities to contribute to society as volunteers and part-time consultants. We might forget things, but generally speaking, we don’t forget the important things. Younger people might think they are smarter and better with the smart devices but are they? They have just more experience with phones and wide screen televisions but older people can actually make better use of them.

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