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Snow before Christmas #finance

Winter started early this year with snow before Christmas and so many people will have heftier winter bills for heating. The cost of Christmas could cause many people misery in January too. However, some companies are viewing the awful weather as a life saver. The bad weather has meant more cooked meals and so companies like Premier Foods should have increased sales and revenue. The AA might be getting more members signed up too.

snow before Christmas

Premier Foods

I noticed the Bisto adverts on television this Christmas and they were meant to tug at the heartstrings a bit. I hope we are getting back to nice adverts that have nostalgia appeal and stimulate demand for Premier Foods products. Perhaps Mr Kipling could have a makeover in 2018 too?


Tesco was in the news again and this time it was Tesco turkeys that were below standard. They have had one scandal after another for years. Tesco needs to improve standards across the organisation. My fresh turkey from Aldi was beautiful…


I’ve been watching my AIM pharmaceutical as well as trying to decide the right time to sell Tesco. Immupharma is up to 169.25 and many small investors are confident it will go over £2.00 when the market reopens in the new year. This company has no tie-ups or partnerships, they own all the rights on Lupuzor, so we are looking at a company with amazing prospects. It will make many investors millionaires. This could become a top pharmaceutical and if the shares are £10 in 5 years time, that wouldn’t surprise me. They can use their technological know-how to develop other drugs with the revenue that Lupuzor brings in.

Snow before Christmas

The snow before Christmas could benefit other companies but might be bad for construction. I think Carillion has hit bottom and as they sort out their debt I think they could be on the rise in 2018. Premier Oil went to 30p, earlier this year but it restructured its debts and assets to take the share price to 78 this morning. Brexit negotiations and worries are still holding down banking share prices. Lloyd’s still looks like a good long-term+ speculative buy at around 68. Some companies seem overvalued now particularly big pharmaceutical and house builders. I’ll steer clear of those.


Share prices might surge a little when the markets reopen next week. I have Tesco on my sell list but it might have some upside yet so I’m in no hurry to sell. I don’t think the Tesco turkey scandal will do much damage in the short-term. If I buy anything I shall be looking at FTSE 250 companies and commodities look good now. I hope Solo Oil start selling their gas again soon and make some progress both in Tanzania and the UK. I think the price of oil could make a recovery in 2018. The big questions are the Brexit negotiations, the cut in corporation tax in the US and rising interest rates. It all looks like a big transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in America and the UK could follow suit.

I shall be starting 2019 with no debts and a portfolio of investments that will add a little to my income.

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