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Snow pictures and diffused light #photography

I have been taking pictures of snowy scenes like many other people and at times I’ve had nice diffused light and at other times the sun has come out and the light has been quite cold and harsh. The snow does reflect a lot of light and so even when it was very cloudy I still had quite a lot of light. Snow pictures can be a little bit boring and so I tried to shoot with a narrow aperture and get lots of depth to the pictures.

For snow pictures like this use a narrow aperture

Keeping warm

Most of the time, I kept warm and took my shots out of the window. I like this picture because there is a lot going on and it has a lot of depth. The flat roof in the foreground gives the image scale as the eye compares it to the houses in the distance. I used a narrow aperture to get the distant buildings in focus.

SNOW (41)

Snow covered trees

Snow covered trees can look pretty but this shot has a lot less depth to it. We have some depth provided by the house in the distance, though. The eye compares the foreground with the background and this gives our picture some perspective.

SNOW (62)

Snow pictures

Snow pictures can be a little boring; when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. So try to get some unusual shots. Here you can see I was leaning out of a window and the shot does have depth. I even managed to get the spire of the church on the hill in the shot.

Best Shot

My best shot was of my neighbour’s children with a snow scene in the background. I obviously shot that with a wide aperture, in fact wide open. That wasn’t just my best shot out of all the snow pictures but my best shot of the year. Unfortunately for reasons of data protection, I can’t use it. When photographing children under the age of 13 we have to be careful to get clear permission from their parents. Sometimes, parental approval is good enough. Approval is sometimes implied when the parents are present but if they aren’t present then often written permission is required. I could have assumed implied approval in this case but decided not to because the parent wasn’t actually present.

That’s all for this week. Try to get depth in your snow pictures and watch out for the patterns you sometimes see as snow sticks to trees, fences and gates.

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