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Social media and photography #photography

Social media is quite useful for communicating with the community. I’m admin of several business pages and groups on Facebook as well as having a Twitter account and an Instagram account linked to my Facebook page. You have to generate content as a blogger and it’s the same with social media. Photography is a great way to generate the content you need but you also need words to go with it and you need participation. Social media is interactive and people comment, like and share your content.

social media and photography

Recording history

I’ve been photographing our conservation zone before the recently announced improvements get underway. I’m creating a historical record and as I do that I post the pictures and snippets of information on Facebook. The images are posted on the History of Wednesbury and yesterday I used Creator Studio to post pictures on Instagram and on the Zillion Ideas Facebook page at the same time. For those posts, I used Wednesbury related hashtags. My approach to social media is fairly targeted. I want to reach the community I live in rather than the broader worldwide community or even the whole of the UK as some social media campaigns target. People tend to relate to my photographs while image also includes a title and a comment when I post the image. It is that combination that I need to elicit a response from the viewer. This current series of pictures and posts might help foster a sense of community and a feeling of belonging in the community.

Social media and Photography

Social media and photography go well together and make creating content easier. Many businesses and organisations now use social media to publicise what they do. Social media is also political with political parties getting in on the act and individual politicians using it to inform the public not only of what they do but their values and policies. These social media campaigns use pictures too but the quality isn’t always professional. The photography needs to be of a high standard although reasonable pictures can be shot these days with a high-end mobile phone. Social media managers should always bear in mind that social media isn’t a one-way street. You don’t just talk down to people, you ask questions and give people a voice and you listen to those voices.  Social Media is interactive.


I’m not as active on Twitter as I am on Facebook but I have a few followers. Twitter has it’s fans but Facebook seems more relaxed and less serious. When I have finished posting this article on my website a link to it will automatically go to Twitter and to LinkedIn. Those posts aren’t as effective as Facebook posts but they are automatic and so it requires little effort.

Pride of Place

I post to the Sandwell Pride of Place Group because it is a targeted group. Many of the members are photographers and artists and so I’m reaching a smaller group of people but the posts are more effective. The use of social media and photography in this way over a period of time can just keep the interest going in a particular project and that group was formed as part of the Blast festival of photography and so it will be useful when we do Blast again in 2022. We won’t be starting from scratch next time, we will have a ready-made audience who will, perhaps, be more involved in the next Blast Festival.

Pictures and words

The combination of both pictures and words is effective and I think I have the skills as a writer and photographer to reach out and hopefully get a response. The response isn’t always the one I want. I get trolls and critics but you need a thick skin to do social media! I do lose patience sometimes and click that all-important button and ban the worst offenders!

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