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It is difficult to engage with users on social media and it is even harder to engage with readers with a blog. To engage with readers with a blog you have to write about subjects they are interested in, or are passionate about. Something quite personal that they identify with is even better.

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Some of my readers might be familiar with today’s picture and so might read to the end of the page. The picture was taken on Christmas Day, look carefully and you might see the Christmas lights! Blogs are quite useful for distributing information but for better engagement you want readers to be able to reply and then social media like Facebook and Twitter is better.


On Facebook you need a strategy and so you need a subject or subjects and a target audience. You need to understand what your audience is interested in and post content that they will like. Some content is more successful than others such as video and images. People don’t have time to read long essays and always remember to try to tap into things they are already thinking about. What do they think about? They think about the past, present and future. They will nostalgic about the past, worried about the present and hopefully aspirational about the future. They want a better future and so positive posts about the future are more likely to be successful than doom and gloom posts. Facebook has insights that give a lot of information about users such as the languages they speak, where they are and their ages. Much of the content that I post on Facebook appeals to the older generation but I have to remember the younger generation who do think about the future more. The younger generations are more aspirational too, they want a better future.


I’m not as good at producing content for Twitter as Facebook but now I have a decent phone I will be making more of an effort. Again the use of images is important on Twitter and the time of day when you post like Facebook can be important too.


Pinterest is another social media channel that can be a portal through which people find your website and it can convey a message if that message is embedded in an image. The end destination for Pinterest and all these social media channels is usually your website but it can be your Facebook page.

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There is also Instagram and other social media channels like LinkedIn and they all have their uses. LinkedIn is a more serious channel for business and offers a way of presenting a personal profile to like-minded people.

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