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Social media images #Wednesburyonline

We all have an image and we all care about our image which is why we choose our clothing carefully. We also have an online image and it can betray our inner beliefs. I have friend requests on Facebook from people who have quite different beliefs to me and I accept that. They do sometimes share posts that are racist, though and so I reject those posts and ‘snooze’ the person doing the sharing for 30 days. Social media images are important and you need to be careful about what you post and what you share.

social media images

Social media images

People in the public eye in particular need to consider their social media images and try to get into the habit of posting content that tells a story. It must be a narrative that truly reflects their beliefs and perhaps disguises their fears and prejudices. We all have prejudices because we tend to be instinctively tribal and so more relaxed with our own family and friends. We need to appear friendly to people who are strangers and those strangers or would-be friends are the people we have contact with through social media.


My blog, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram and LinkedIn account give me some influence. I’m not going to change the world with my opinions but if I’m controversial people do respond to that. On a day-to-day basis, the influence is slight but I still have to be aware of it. People read what I write but the photographs are the really powerful images.

social media images


This is a photo of the protesters against the building of a concrete railway sleeper factory. It is a powerful image and the protest has already persuaded Network Rail to change the plan. I hope to take some photos this year with people wearing face masks to tell the story. The main issue now is of pollution and traffic congestion. I can write thousands of words about that but social media images that work are images that can be seen at a glance.

This protest is supported by Tom Watson, the local MP and deputy leader of the Labour Party. It is also supported by local councillors Elaine Costigan and Simon Hackett who are cabinet members of Sandwell council and have responsibility for health and well-being and children’s welfare respectively. Images posted on social media and blogs send out a clear message to the people, in this case, the message is that some local politicians are on the side of the people against big business.

Social media images are powerful and do influence the people. They can be used to boost small business and community associations. They can be used to promote whatever cause you wish and visual images especially when combined with words, are the most powerful.

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