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It is Sunday morning and so, as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you, such as they are. This week I had my hedge trimmed ready for the winter and next week I might run the lawnmower over the lawn. Autumn is here and the weather is changing quite quickly. On the 28th of October, the clocks will go back an hour so the nights will get dark earlier. I’m not looking forward to winter, last winter was a cruel one. I hope this winter will be milder. A historic local pub, Ye Olde Leathern Bottel reopened this week and I hope the new licensee does well. I designed a web banner to publicise it and posted it up on Facebook on our history page. I hope that helped. The effect of social media publicity isn’t always immediate.

leathern bottel social media banner

Social media publicity

I think I’m well suited to social media management because I can produce and curate the content. I can take the photos, do the graphic design and write the text to go with it. Not everyone rates my skills but it can be their loss when I decide to offer my services elsewhere. Anyway, I was quite pleased with that web banner.  I did join a new writing group and helped start the Facebook page but that seems to have come to nothing. It did get me writing poetry again and made me more aware of the work of local poets. I found that using a photograph as inspiration for a new poem worked quite well. I’ll bear that in mind today as I look around for something to photograph.


I have no idea where I’ll go today or what I’ll photograph. It is quite cloudy so if it stays like this I can do some shots that I normally avoid because they’re into the sun.  Next year’s Blast photography festival is about Sandwell so I would like to stay in Sandwell and try to get some photos that I might contribute to next year’s festival. I did photograph some Sandwell signs, such as the ‘welcome to Wednesbury’ sign. They always seem to be positioned in such awkward places, though.  I still have problems with my leg and can’t walk very far before it becomes painful. I’m told it will be next year now before I get to see the specialist.

I still put the odd post on the Wednesbury BID social media channels and although that initiative fell through I feel someone has to make an effort. Life for the town’s traders isn’t easy and any publicity is helpful. The town’s history and culture can be colourful. We have Aethelflaed, the warrior princess and daughter of Alfred the Great as a famous character in the annals of Wednesbury. In more recent times we had Dick Turpin visiting the Olde Leathern Bottel, not only to sample the ale but to buy spare gun locks for his pair of muskets. We have to make the most of what’s left of our heritage before the bureaucrats destroy even more of it. Personally, I think we should make the most of the myths about haunted pubs and tunnels to neighbouring castles. We could do something to get our once thriving market back on its feet again too. Social media can be used skilfully to bring people to the town if we create events and publicise them. We could have the hoards pouring in from Darlo…

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I’ll end with some pictures…

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