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I have tried to combine poetry with photography to tell stories on social media but I suppose I’m not a great poet. I like quite amusing poems that tell a funny story. The picture itself can tell a story without any words and just a few words as a caption can fire the imagination and provokes a story. The story is changing now as autumn approaches. I shot this picture on Sunday and it might provoke a story in your mind.

Pictures can tell stories

Fire the imagination

Images fire the imagination or trigger memories or tell a story. I put this image on Facebook and it received comments about the tranquillity of the place. Some people had spent time relaxing there and identified with the place, it struck a personal chord.  The bench looks rather lonely there and invites people to come and share the view.


A different story

This is the same place and the same bench but tells a different story. It spells the end of summer for me. It is a more spacious image and you can see the first signs of autumn. We interact with the image and because we’re all different, we all interact with an image in a different way. It initiates a different story in each of us.

Photographs of people can tell a story as well. Photographs of smartly dressed city workers tell a different story to a photograph of youngsters on a council estate in their ripped jeans and casual clothing.


Pictures tell stories and can be combined with words as a caption or poetry, to get across a story to entertain or a message that we want to convey. Images reach deep into the subconscious mind and trigger memories. Images trigger our fears, our prejudices and can inspire us to better things.

That’s all for today. When you take your pictures take time to consider for a moment what story your images might tell.

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