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Social Secrets #life

We all have a dark secretive side that likes to keep certain things private. In this world of global communication, we can share our lives through social media but we do have to be careful about what we share.

I’m quite open about the things I do now. I have to build an online persona, but that is quite different to the real me that had trouble sleeping last night and who has a headache this morning.

I often despair at the things that go on in the world. I would like to solve many of the problems but then I remember my life isn’t easy either.  Then I try to find a reasonable balance between helping others and keeping my life reasonably comfortable and tolerable.

Some people carry an advertisement of their status in society. It might be a posh house or an upmarket car. People can even give the impression of higher status with adornments like gold jewellery, bespoke clothing or the right brand of trainers. There is even a belief that certain brands of deodorant and perfume confer a special status on the wearer. Are these people being open about their status or is the outwards appearance just a bluff to hide their secret feelings of worthlessness?

I  don’t really have status symbols. I don’t wear jewellery, but I do care what other people think. I do style and comb my hair, not just for my benefit but so I’ll look more acceptable. It is about acceptability and not status. I am happy to go along with people’s delusions of grandeur and higher status. I don’t concede that their perceived higher status gives them any control over me, though. I won’t be a slave to the wishes of others.

Some personal details are always kept secret. I don’t suppose anyone wants to know some of my more personal details. Even my age isn’t broadcast to the world. I do mention the wisdom that comes with age occasionally but that’s as far as it goes. I have a few problems that go with age like creaking and moaning as I get out of bed in the morning. I like to put that to the back of my mind and get on with life. Yes, it is strange, but we even try to keep secrets from ourselves and believe what is convenient.

I have an account on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks as well as sharing my thoughts via my blog. I post on social media to create an impression leaving out all my little secrets that wouldn’t impress very much. We all create an impression. We can create a dark mysterious impression in our real lives by dressing darkly and living through dark thoughts. We can project a similar image through social media or we can project a more positive image. I think the image I project is quite positive, but it really isn’t me. I have my good days and bad days, my hopes and fears. I am selective in what I share as I assume most people are. We don’t admit to picking our noses, farting in lifts or anything that conjures up too much of a negative image in the mind of the beholder. Not that I ever travel in lifts now…

Today’s blog post is in response to a Daily Prompt that used the word –Secret as the prompt. So there you go, you still don’t know my most intimate secrets but at least, you know why I’m not sharing!

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