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Socialising and entertainment #thrifty

The best way to save money on socialising and entertainment is to stay in and watch TV but that can get a little boring. It gets boring because it is repetitious and you can change that by trying to break the routine. If you’re in the habit of watching the same soaps week after week, then see if there is something better to watch. We do have a lot of channels these days and if you have a smart TV you also have internet channels. We put a lot of value on entertainment and so it is something we can consider carefully and try to get value for money when we look at socialising and entertainment.

socialising and entertainment - thrifty

Socialising and Entertainment

We do like to combine both socialising and entertainment but sitting at home watching TV can exclude socialising so we like to go out but that can be expensive. We have to get to the venue and these days that can mean a cab to get there and then there is some pressure to buy drinks if there is a bar. Making the evening alcohol-free can save on the cab fare if you drive and it can save on the drinks as well.

Community Events

There are community events mostly run by volunteers that are inexpensive or free so it is wise to at least consider those. You can often find information about these events on social media, on notice boards of public buildings and at your local library. I went to an evening of poetry and music at my local library this week and all it cost me was the price of a cup of tea. There are other events  such as the history society and you just have to find something that interests you. Check out the notice boards of public buildings to begin with.


There are lots of sources of free music now with every genre catered for on the radio and even more music accessible on YouTube and Spotify. The adverts can be annoying but at least it is free. You can also find low-cost CDs on markets and car boot sales.

That’s all my thrifty ideas for this week but remember you can organise your own thrifty event. You can invite family and friends to watch a movie on TV or a summer barbecue and that can work out no more expensive than an evening out and be a more rewarding social event.

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