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Socialising and days out on a budget #thrifty

We all like to go out and socialise and meet our friends and new people too, but it can be expensive. We can cut the cost by trying to get value for money and resist the temptation to buy food when we smell the onions or see other people enjoying hot dogs at a popular event. Taking out the sandwiches that you prepared earlier doesn’t have much appeal in comparison to the delicious food offered by the vendors. We do have to live within a budget, though, so we can still do some socialising and limit the amount of food and drink we buy while we’re out.

Pub meals

Pub meals are a great alternative to restaurants and have lots of offers such as special prices for couples. The food can be more basic than a restaurant but simpler food can be just as enjoyable as haute cuisine.

socialising at the town hall

Local authority

Events run by charities and the local authority can be good value for money. The event pictured was at the town hall and a fish and chips lunch for retired people. This afternoon there will be a charity tea dance for a fixed price which will work out good value for a couple of hours of socialising.

Carnivals and Festivals

I always photograph the local carnival but there will be more events in the park this year and they can be an opportunity to meet people too. Even local spring and summer fairs can be an opportunity to get involved in the community and meet people. While the bigger commercially organised events might look more attractive they tend to be aimed at making money and so there will be more to do, but at a price. Fun fairs can work out quite expensive for an afternoon out as well.


As usual, I have been looking for bargains in the shops and online. I spend less money at this time of year but I need new tee shirts for the summer and found some I liked in the F&F range at Tesco. They use stay-like-new technology which means a cotton and synthetic fabric that doesn’t fade and sag like 100% cotton. Cotton tee shirts do tend to sag at the neckline after a while and they fade so I hope these will be better. They were also two for £8 which is a great price and good value.

Socialising – a way of life

Socialising is a way of life because we are social animals. Socialising is part of the way we have survived since prehistoric times. We can also make being thrifty and frugal part of our daily lives and resist the modern phenomenon that tries to pressurise us with marketing to not only live beyond our means but to want it now. We have to learn patience and save for what we want instead of making bankers rich by paying outrageous interest for credit and loans.

That’s all my thrifty and frugal tips for today. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar. Incidentally, I missed writing my thrifty posts for a few weeks, but things are back to normal now! You can also follow me on Twitter for updates or find links on my Facebook page.

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