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Socialism and being social #ramble

Have you ever bought a friend a drink or a meal, just because you can? If we have more than enough money for our needs we can afford to be generous and not only treat our friends but give a little to people less fortunate that we don’t even know. To me, that’s what socialism is about.


I worry when people who claim to be socialists ignore democracy and want to tell everyone what to do and how to live. When the tolerance gets to the point when we see people walking the streets wearing masks and other strange clothing and we hear of similar people attacking our friends. We have to be nicer and more tolerant as a society, but it can be taken too far.


I watched Casualty last night, Lofty gave Dr Kier a hug and he reacted like I would have done. Lofty has emotional intelligence and considers people’s feelings and Dr Kier is more logical and analytical which makes him a good doctor. I try to balance both sides of my personality, but please no more false shows of bloody affection; stop hugging…

Tee shirt

You have probably guessed from the lead picture today that it’s the canal and boat festival. I intend to go to that later and take photos. It’s a bit chilly so I had to decide what to wear because it is still summer and it can go warm in the sun. I decided on a long sleeve tee shirt and a lightweight sweater. I can put a padded gilet over the top if it’s chilly. I am now asking the question, why is my long sleeve tee shirt shorter than a normal tee shirt? Did they cut 6 inches off the bottom to make the sleeves?


Cookies are small files that websites put on our computers to help them identify them next time; they are also American biscuits. I have figured out that sometimes the fact I have the cookie on my computer can cause a problem with Facebook. I decided to check Facebook out by going ‘incognito’ when I was getting a white screen on Facebook; it worked. A few minutes later Facebook was back. I seem to be getting a lot of white screen problems just lately.


I have to pander to the search engines or people wouldn’t find my website. I have to use keywords and I was using a program that checked for keywords and other things. That kept giving me a ‘white’ screen and so I’ve disabled it yet again. I’m not sure if it’s worth all the trouble, Google seems to favour the most successful sites. It only favours my site for pictures that no one else has…  Take note that I want the Google God to know that today’s picture, photo, image; call it what you may, is of the Tipton Canal and Narrowboat Festival!

The sun is shining this morning, even though it’s a bit chilly. I’ve done some laundry and had breakfast, nearly written this blog post  and it’s not yet 10 o’clock. I don’t usually begin writing until about ten. I intend to have a light lunch and then I’ll be off to take photos with my trusty Nikon. I like the diversity at the canal festival of people and images. I’ll see lots of views today, that I want to capture with my camera. I can think of far less interesting things to do on a Sunday afternoon and I might just meet a few people.

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