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Solo Oil soars on AIM #investments

Solo Oil

Solo Oil isn’t the only stock in my portfolio but it is the one I’ve been watching this week. It has soared from 0.42 to 0.53 (BID) since last Friday. The spread is still ridiculously high at 7.55%. The games market makers play! They have triggered a lot of stop-losses this week and stopped the games of some day traders.

Solo Oil

Premier Foods

While Solo Oil has been soaring Premier Foods has been quite stable at around 39. The bid today is down 1.25 to 39.25 wiping out most of my gains on Solo Oil. Immupharma has dropped a penny to completely wipe out my gains today. C’est la Vie, such is life, trading the stock market.

My portfolio

My portfolio is smaller now as a small investor and is just 13 companies now. I sold a couple partly to reduce risk while this Brexit stuff gets settled and partly to raise cash while I change my car in the spring.


Trading costs money in commissions. I use the Halifax and 12.50 commission on both sides of a trade is a lot for a small investor. Next Wednesday, they will do a discounted commission for just 2 hours from 12:15 to 2:15 when I will be able to trade for 3.95. I shall watch the market until then and I can buy if I see a bargain or sell to raise more funds. I could sell Tesco or Royal Dutch Shell ‘B’ for a decent return. I don’t have anything in mind for buying but have funds to buy something. More banking shares is a consideration but which bank? I could buy more Lloyds shares. Commodities and construction are looking attractive at the moment. I have Atkins (ATK) on my watch-list because they have some HS2 contracts. Vedanta could be a stock to consider in the commodities sector, too. Banks could make good gains on interest rate rises, eventually.

Beginning to trade

If you are beginning to trade, there is a lot to learn. Just pick one stock, such as Lloyds and then see how it does. Follow it for a while and then decide when to hold and when to sell. When you have made a profit from your first stock, then buy your second one.

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