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Solstice sunshine and art #photography

Yes, it’s the summer solstice and the rain has stopped and yes the sun is shining! I have had an interesting week, I went to the Pride of Place Project exhibition and took photos in West Bromwich. Yes, really. I went to West Brom and down the dodgy end as well. That was on Wednesday and yesterday I went to an artists talk at Wednesbury museum and art gallery. I didn’t take pictures for reasons I won’t go into. Anyway, we have solstice sunshine. Could today be the day when I finally get to take some pictures without raising the ISO or using the flash?

solstice sunshine

The Red Lion’s lions

This is one of the photos that I have in the Pride of Place exhibition. It is, of course, the Red Lion’s lions on All Saint’s Way in West Bromwich. This shot was taken when I was a bit bored waiting for the St George’s Day parade. I think photographs of buildings and their features could be my speciality!

solstice sunshine


I got a few tips on shooting portraits yesterday at the artist’s talk. This portrait isn’t too bad. I think it’s quite good for flash photography. It does have a natural look to it. Chris was about to print a photograph for the Sikh gentleman who had a photograph of himself in the exhibition.

Solstice sunshine

Today, Noddy Holder is opening the Rewind shop so I’ll be attempting some portrait type shots. Event photography is difficult because you often only have one shot and you have to get it quickly. Noddy will be cutting the ribbon to officially open the shop. I remember Noddy from the days when Ambrose Slade practised at St James’s school in Wednesbury. I took a photo of that school and St James’ Church on Sunday. I’ll have a lot more light today with the sunshine but bright sunshine brings its own problems too.  I might get dark shadows and so even in bright sunshine, I might need some fill flash. I would have preferred a white sky today. One of the students at the exhibition said he prefers the diffused light of a cloudy sky and it is better at an outdoor event.

Caravan Gallery

Anyway, the Caravan Gallery’s –  Sandwell Pride of Place Project exhibition is open from 11 until 6 today and it is well worth visiting. You will find it right next to the bus station in West Bromwich. You can click that second link and join the Pride of Place group on Facebook where you’ll see a few of my pictures from my visit on Wednesday.

Blast Festival

The Pride of Place exhibition, the artists’ talks and the events are all part of the Blast Festival of photography, walks and talks, of course. I’ve reviewed exhibitions in the past but this will be the first time reviewing an art festival. I’ll write that review after it has ended. The exhibition is excellent but I would say that. I have pictures in it!

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