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Some people are unbelievable! #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as ever, I’ll share my thoughts with you. Yes, some people are unbelievable. Ask them to wear masks in shops and you’re infringing their rights while some don’t even believe there is a virus while others believe it was made in a lab. These same people are against 5G, immunisation and just about anything else that might inconvenience them. As they look to the skies and complain about chem-trails and wonder about alien life, a pandemic is killing off our most vulnerable. These Sun readers are a danger to themselves and others.

some people are unbelievable

Thinking about art

I’ve been thinking about art and photography a lot lately. As soon as it’s safe to do so, I pay a visit to Walsall art gallery and wander around and take some pictures. I might do some painting again this week, I’m improving slowly. I’m taking an interest in using pastels too. I think there will be showers today but I’ll be out and about with my camera. Photography is an art form too.

Rising tensions

Tensions have been rising between the USA and China. Trump has been sending federal forces into US cities to confront protestors. It will all end badly. The US needs to get rid of Trump before he does something even more stupid. America is a nation divided hence the protests and China is a nation divided with an even bigger population. China, however, doesn’t allow protests to get out of hand and will clamp down on the protests in Hong Kong. Australia is telling immigrants that they have to become Aussies and blend into society. America is saying something very similar but when China expects Muslims to blend in and accept Chinese culture they are infringing their human rights! They all need to be tolerant but not too tolerant!

Some people are unbelievable

Yes, political leaders and politicians can be unbelievable at times. Local politicians were photographed this week totally ignoring social distancing and were rightly admonished. They are supposed to set an example! I don’t believe it, as Victor Meldrew used to say. I’m at the same age so perhaps I’m turning into a Victor Meldrew. I do find people can be unbelievably stupid. You know the ones I mean they just stand there with their mouths open or have a temper tantrum and talk absolute rubbish. Donald Trump comes to mind.

Unbelievable weather

Even the weather is unbelievable.  We had summer in March and April while Europe was shut down, now we’re back to chilly days and constant rain. Did the European shutdown affect our weather? There was certainly less pollution. We need more pollution monitors.

Flu jab

All over 50s are now expected to have the flu jab before the winter and that will bring an inane response from some quarters. They will moan and come up with ridiculous conspiracy theories just because they’re scared of a little needle. The macho guys with arms tattooed from end to end will be the worse. They will moan that immunisation causes brain damage and not even see the irony in their claim. Some people are unbelievable

That’s all for this week. I really need some fresh air. I am turning into Victor Meldrew. Thank god, I’m not married.

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