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If you got something good going… #Wednesbury

“If you have got something good going, don’t tell nobody,” that was a tweet I read this morning. I suppose it would help avoid a lot of competitive envy. I have to admit to having something good going. I photographed a group of excited kids this week that came to the town hall to bring gifts for children less fortunate like the ones who have been taken into care this Christmas and will be away from their families. I experienced the true Christmas spirit.

Christmas spirit

Winter solstice

It’s the winter solstice today and so in theory at least it will be the shortest day. It will get dark here around 3:50 this afternoon. I think there is a delay before the days begin to get longer but I can’t remember why. I should do some research and find out why but besides having a failing memory I also find it hard to research trivia. With shorter days we get less sunlight which makes it colder but again there is a delay before winter really sets in and so we probably won’t see any really bad weather until the new year. They have forecast a Christmas storm but we’ll be on the edge of that. I don’t mind a bit of snow, it makes for interesting photos.

New bench

On Saturday a new bench and plaque were unveiled in Union Street as a tribute to local alderman and stalwart of local politics, Bill Archer. I will probably get to rest on that bench in the summer on my walk back to the car park from Poundland. It is a much better bench than those in the town square. They are a symbol of that gentrified nastiness that says the homeless are wicked and there should be no rest for the wicked. When I stop to rest, I want to lean back and maybe rest my arm for a minute. I’m surprised you don’t get a ticket for parking your arse for too long in the town square.

CH (125)

Cheer Angels

Yes, it was my idea to photograph the Cheer Angels in front of the Christmas tree. I’m getting old and forget where I am sometimes. I thought the tree might look a bit festive being a week before Christmas. At least the George looks better than last year when the windows were boarded up. The Cheer Angels do have a little Christmas Spirit raising money for charity.


Sam’s Dream

This fundraiser for Sam’s Dream is tonight. You can buy tickets on the door. I usually go to these fundraisers and take photos but I’m not too well and need some rest. This will go on too late for me this time. I’m sure there will be lots of Christmas spirit at this event with the brilliant Helen James entertaining.

Christmas Spirit

I’ll be blogging all through Christmas and as usual putting lots of pictures on from my archives. Hopefully, by then, I will be full of the Christmas Spirit and will share good tidings. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar and you’ll get emails each time I post; even on Christmas Day! You can also follow me on Twitter for updates and there are links on my Facebook page.

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