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Something to photograph #photography

There is always something to photograph. Yesterday, I went to an event in the town hall and photographed the audience, the compere and the singer. If you don’t have an event to go to there is always landscape photography and street photography is very popular these days too. You have to be more careful when you do street photography because many people don’t like their photograph taken. Legally you can photograph more or less what you like but you must do no harm. If you cause damage such as distress to people then they can sue you for damages.

something to photograph


Of course, photographing people is interesting but having people walk into your landscape shot can add interest too. If they are more colourfully dressed, that’s a bonus. This shot has some depth as the pavement goes away from us and the two ladies walking through the frame adds additional interest.

Something to photograph

There is always something to photograph and I often look out of the window and see something worth picking my camera up for. Yesterday, it was an helicopter taking off but I also photograph the wildlife that comes into my garden.


I recently had this photo in an exhibition and again the people make it more interesting. The picture tells a kind of story. If you can’t get out to take your photographs, look around your home and garden for subjects. Artists often paint still-life and things like bowls of fruit often feature in paintings. If you carefully arrange your subject, that sort of thing can make an interesting photograph too. Think of yourself as an artist trying to create an image rather than a snapper just snapping what is there. There is always something to photograph but you have to become more aware of the world around you to see those unusual shots.

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