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Splash the cash? #Thrifty #Frugal

Splash the cash? Yes, even though I watch the pennies and watch the pounds I do sometimes splash the cash on something expensive. This involves parting with large amounts of money without an anaesthetic. Believe me, I have needed a bit of pain relief just lately. I changed my car and that was more expensive than I had expected and this week I had the awful experience of changing my insurance. I was insured with the AA who were very nice about losing my custom. I switched to Saga via a price comparison site. I decided to have the breakdown cover but would have preferred to stay with the AA. I had the home-start before but now I have a car a couple of years old instead of 20 years old. I didn’t bother with that. When I rang the AA they said they would have cut the price for me and done a cheaper deal. It was too bloody late by then!

splash the cash?

Car insurance

I ended up saving £100 on my car insurance but my initial quote on the price comparison site was £150 cheaper. I didn’t realise that the quote expired that same day. I delayed a couple of days and it cost my fifty quid! It was still cheaper than the AA who had banged my premium up 25%, presumably because I was a loyal customer (not to mention a shareholder).

Home insurance

I also had my home insurance with the AA and I got a quote for that from Saga too. Initially, the quote looked cheaper but after going through all the options I found I needed an add-on to cover my phone and camera equipment when I’m away from home. Then I realised my quote from the AA was cheaper than last year so they were a little bit cheaper in the end. So I phoned the AA and after the press one for this and two for that rigmarole I finally got through to a person who arranged the renewal. Then my card was ‘refused’. Fortunately, I have another bank account and card. That one was accepted. Then I had to go through another rigmarole into another department to cancel the car insurance and then on to another department for AA membership which I don’t need anymore. What a palaver! But splash the cash, I did. I’m now five hundred odd quid lighter! It could have been much worse though and the rigmarole on the phone and the reassessment of my needs saved me over one hundred quid.

Splash the cash?

My finances are recorded on a spread sheet and I can easily go back and check the last time I gave my card number to splash the cash. That was when I bought my car in May. Further back than that, going back to last year I can see a saving of about £100 when I bought my cell phone and a similar saving when I negotiated a saving on web space for this website. Going back 12 months I have saved the £200 already mentioned, a few hundred on my car because I got a good deal and I paid the line rental on my phone line 18 months in advance for another saving. That is on top of savings on monthly and weekly expenditure.

Time is money

Time is money, so said Benjamin Franklin and so the palaver on the phone changing my car insurance cost me but I’m retired and so have plenty of time but not so much money! Sometimes, it is easier just to pay up and try to look happy about it. If you’re earning fifty quid an hour don’t spend two hours trying to save a tenner!

That’s it for this week. Before you splash the cash, give it a little thought! If you would like to follow my blog and read more ideas just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates or find links on my Facebook page.

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