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Community photography

Spring and summer photography. #photography

We are now 10 days into spring and this morning is nice and sunny. Lockdown was lifted yesterday but we will still have restrictions for the foreseeable future. We can at least think about photography and plan some landscape photography. I hope to do a little street photography but I think we will have to wait until next year for events to resume as normal. Spring and summer should be more normal this year.

spring and summer


In the above photo, we have an interesting gate and I think the man on the bicycle riding past adds to the photo. The man sitting on the bench in the park over the road makes the shot a little more interesting too. I often look for features in a shot that just add interest. I like to have a car passing through the shot and if it is an interesting car or a bright colour it can break up the grey look of a street by adding colour.

Doors and windows

Sometimes just a door or even a window can be an interesting feature and make for an interesting shot. This is especially true of churches when getting the whole building into a photo is often difficult but we can still get the most interesting features into a shot. Notice in this shot that the one door has new steps.

spring and summer


The cars in this shot are the interesting features of the shot. The eye compares the one on the left to the one on the right and so the composition gives the shot some depth. The cars also date the shot to some extent. In the future, the cars will reflect the period of the images.


This shot was at a re-enactment and there is a lot going on in the shot and captures the spirit of the event. I zoomed in quite close with a 300 mm lens and I think the shot works well. Hopefully, we will be able to take photos at events again before long. We do have a cultural programme in Wednesbury over the next three years and I hope that will give us lots of opportunities for great photos. Spring and summer will give us some opportunities but I think it will mostly be landscape photography this year. I did take a lot of photos in the garden during last year’s lockdown and I will do that again this year.

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