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Spring in the Black Country #photography

I live in Wednesbury and it isn’t the most scenic place for landscape photography but there are lots of great places within easy reach. The spring flowers have been evident this week with ‘fool’s parsley’ growing close to pools, the river Tame and the Walsall canal. I was out and about photographing nature in full bloom on Sunday.

spring photography

You can see the ‘fool’s parsley’ growing at the water’s edge on the right of this picture. This is Hydes Pool in Wednesbury which I have photographed many times but it still looks different each time. Nature changes continuously and the light is always different.


This is St Margaret’s churchyard in Walsall. I’ve composed the shot to get the church in the background and I’ve used the trees to get depth to the shot. There were other interesting buildings in Chapel Lane and I walked around at the rear of the church too.


I took this shot from under a tree at the rear of the church and the overhanging tree makes it look more interesting and adds lots of depth to the shot. The grey stone contrasts with the lush green after the rain.


This is Sutton’s Drive which is closed to cars now but seems popular with local walkers. I might walk down there, next time and explore. I know it leads to a brook that feeds the ‘fish pond’. The fish pond is actually a large pool.


Spring sunshine

Spring gives us a good light that isn’t quite as harsh as in mid-summer. The buildings look good in the spring sunshine and so look for unusual buildings to photograph as well as those natural landscapes that can be predominantly green and so less interesting. the important thing to remember when wandering around looking for shots is to relax and enjoy it. The exercise is healthy but relaxing is good for your mental health too.

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