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Spring flowers in May

Flowers in May

The river in the picture is the River Tame. This photo was taken last May, but I drove past there yesterday and the flowers are just starting to bloom again. They seem to grow all along the Tame, I’ve seen them at Walsall and Dudley.

I might go to Sandwell Valley this weekend to see if there is a display of flowers like this along the Tame there.

Finance Friday | Priorities was yesterday’s blog post. We all need to set our priorities when we are budgeting. Which do you think is more important when the government is spending money, airports, high speed rail or hospitals?

Thrifty Thursday | Walsall Again? was Thursday’s post about finding those bargains.  I’m actually writing today’s post in advance so I can go to the fun day at Walsall’s university campus tomorrow (Saturday).

A trip to Walsall was Wednesday’s post about my trip to Walsall on Tuesday. I know three times in one week! The one good thing that Walsall has is the hospital, I like the Manor hospital, I’m even a member of the trust.

Neodigital Art | What is art? was Tuesday’s post. I was in a philosophical mood after going to the art gallery. There is an arts fest in Walsall in a pub next month too.

Psychology | perceptions of self was Monday’s psychology blog. A lot people have psychological problems these days with the instability of society. You can ask a question by using the comments box or email using the address in the sidebar >>>>

The farce is strong was my Sunday ramble about the government’s latest shenanigans. They should be happy now that the share prices of Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds have gone up this week. See what happens, when they keep their mouths shut for once? 

I’ll be back tomorrow, Sunday; with more rambling and hopefully I can tell you how the fun day at the university went. In the meantime, please comment and share your thoughts.

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