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Spring forward

Spring flowers along the river

Spring forward: Fall Back

Yes, we put our clocks on an hour early this morning and supposedly lost an hour’s sleep. Did I remember to spring forward? Of course, I did. I set the clock on the central heating an hour forward, did my watch and my alarm clock.  I didn’t sleep very well and ignored the alarm on my phone …


I pressed the snooze button on my alarm and reluctantly dragged myself out two hours later. So I’ve checked my email and Facebook pages with bleary eyes kept open by caffeine charged cups of tea. The sun is breaking through the clouds and so I am hopeful that the rest of Easter Sunday can be rescued from the trash can of life.

Easter Boat gathering

There has been an Easter Boat gathering at Tipton which I imagine has been a bit of a wash-out. I hope they are still there after lunch so I can photograph the narrow-boats. The Express and Star want photos of Easter events and are offering £100 for the best one. I won’t win that but I might get my blog post on their website. The sunshine and showers with blustery wind are typical for Bank Holiday weather but it won’t stop us getting out there and enduring it!


It is the beginning of spring and nature is coming to life, we will soon have zillions of flowers lining the river. Incidentally, today’s picture is of the River Tame and the spring flowers that line it each year. I wonder if local people can identify that beautiful stretch of river? Those flowers will be out around the end of May. I think they will be early this year. The spring daffodils have been early.

That’s it for today, this was a quick ramble because I have to catch up on things because of my lie in. You can follow thing blog, just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also more ideas, art and music on my Facebook page.

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