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Spring in England

Bannister road 082

I took this photo yesterday and I’m a little intrigued by the canal and why that bridge is so wide. Maybe it was a busy route in Victorian times when the canal was built. The tow path all down that canal seems wider than usual. There is a canal off to the left that’s overgrowth and also an ‘arm’ off to the right. I think this canal was called the ‘Wednesbury Oak loop’ and was meant to meander around serving different coal pits. It’s straight here, but farther on it does meander around.

I think this was a stopping place for the narrow boats at one time; a sort of marina. It’s a shame the canals aren’t used more for leisure now. This one certainly has a lot of potential. A few miles on a Toll End there are people living in narrow boats, but they are static; they don’t go anywhere.

The canals and railways are part of our heritage here, I don’t think people from outside of the Black Country realise that. They see them as useless relics of a bygone age and even some locals spray graffiti on the bridges and anywhere else it’ll go and ruin a monument to our history. We need some canal police, but that will never happen as long as they are seen as unimportant.

It was only 2 C this morning but sunny and blue skies, it’s gone cloudy now, but a little warmer. I shall still get out there and take more photographs this afternoon. It’s spring, we have daffodils in place and there were lots of bluebells in Moorcroft Wood. I might take photographs of a railway station this afternoon, if I can park the car anywhere near it. Old buildings like our museum and art gallery are treasures from the past, but people come from outside and they want new iconic buildings like that pink white elephant in West Bromwich. They are talking about a new hospital now, I suppose that will have to be pink with a wave shaped roof…

I used to see narrow boats working the canals when I was a kid. People still use the canals, mostly to take short cuts, as cycle tracks and for jogging. They tend to build apartments overlooking the canal to give them a nice view. They can be dangerous though, it’s not often someone drowns; but it has happened.

You can walk down the canal from the bridge in the picture and be at Moorcroft Wood in about 10 minutes, it would take longer than that to drive there. They do tend to run straight and so can be a short cut  if you’re walking. It’s a little more tricky riding a bike down the towpath. Someone went in on a motorbike last year and drowned; but that is a unusual thing to happen.

I posted a blog on my WordPress blog with more photographs taken yesterday, if you like this one; why not pop over and check those out? There are also more blogs to read on the Home Page.

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