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Spring photography

spring in wednesbury

It is Sunday morning and so I’m granting you access to the innermost recesses of my mind once again and sharing my thoughts. Today’s picture is a nice sunny spring picture, but I can’t think where it could be. I took it last May, but where? I don’t usually forget pictures I’ve taken.

Spring photography

Nature transforms itself in spring and so there are lots of opportunities to get nice pictures. The spring flowers will line the river and canal and the trees will burst with blossom. I’ve had a runny nose and kept sneezing for weeks, so before I go out and enjoy nature I’ll go to Poundland and get some Soothers for my throat and hay fever tablets to stop my nose running. There is always a price to pay.

Brunswick Park

Brunswick Park is a beautiful Victorian park in Wednesbury and I’m trying to organise a period costume picnic in the park in June. Black Country Brass will provide the atmospheric music. I’m dressing in 40s style clothing, sort of… You can’t get grey flannels these days and so chinos will have to do. A grandad tee shirt looks a bit like a grandad vest and to top off my 40s look I have a pale summer trilby. At least I’m making the effort. I’ll try to get some more plastic cups, knives and forks from Poundland today for the picnic. I need more soft drinks too. I have a couple of bottles of Dandelion and Burdock but I’ll try to get Tizer and Vimto too. I’m spoiling them! They can bring their own food. It will be on Sunday the 12th of June and so we should have good weather in late spring. I intend to take lots of photos and portraits for those essential Facebook profile photos.


My photographs tend to show the town in a good light, literally. I do go out in winter and a sprinkling of snow on our ancient church provides a nice winter image. You don’t really want to see gloomy images though do you? I have done some spooky images for Halloween, but spooky isn’t gloomy is it? My pictures don’t project a false image, it does look nice on a sunny day, whether that is winter, spring, summer or the golden colours of autumn. Photographs can project an image that will encourage people to visit a local pub on a sunny afternoon or go for a walk in the park. Photographs combined with a few words can promote tourism and shopping. They can stimulate an interest in education, history or the geographical features of the area. This is what I have been interested in doing for a while. I even considered setting up a local public relations and social media service for local business and community groups. I’ll be out today capturing more images to add to my growing archive of Black Country images.

I’ll end today with a few images from the archive, enjoy! If you would like to follow this blog and receive an email each time I post just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter fro updates. You can find more words and images on my Facebook page.

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